NutraBio L-Citrulline Free Form Amino Acid, 150 grams
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Take 1-3 scoops daily with water, before workouts, or as recommended by a nutritionally-informed physician.
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L-Citrulline is an amino acid that has numerous health and athletic performance benefits.

During the past decade research on L-Citrulline has shown it plays an important role in nitric oxide production, vascular health, muscle protein synthesis, ammonia elimination, and immune function. *

L-Citrulline is converted to L-Arginine in the body to support L-Arginine and nitric oxide levels. Increased production of nitric oxide promotes vascular dilation which improves oxygen and blood circulation throughout the body. L-Citrulline can also improve heart health by increasing the strength of arteries. *

L-Citrulline also relieves muscle fatigue through ammonia elimination. L-Citrulline helps to rid the body of ammonia, a toxic byproduct of protein metabolism and provides a readily available substrate for arginine production. L-Citrulline is involved in the formation of urea in the liver which plays an important part in the removal of waste created by the digestion, absorption, and metabolism of proteins.*

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